The Surf-Care Bag

28 EUR

Just how many little things do we scatter around in our cars when going surfing??
The surf-care bag is a simple carrying clutch for your surfing personal belongings, whether it's your paraffin wax, comb, fin key, leash string, and so on and on...
Forget one of these things at home and you are left wondering around the parking lot, asking other fellow surfers for the things you didn't remember to take!

Well, this is our solution, simple, made out of durable waxed canvas with a genuine leather handle.
Designed by our surf-buddies at disappear-sewings and made right here in Sicily, where the sun shines all year and the waves are...well, they are what they are.

~ Available on its own or paired with our resin-casted wax-comb. ~

Note: wax combs are subject to availability, so we'll make sure to get in touch and show you what's available!